Dental Specialties, Inc.
A Dental Referral Service for Special Care Patients
Specialized Services Include

  • In-office oral exams and X-rays for compliant patients.
  • We evaluate and treat according to each patient’s individual needs.
  • Annual cleanings for patients, under general anesthesia.
  • Education and training of care providers in the special dental needs of handicapped patients.
  • Home care instruction and support.
  • Notes and summaries of treatment are provided for your records.

Insurance and Payment for Dental Services

  • If the patient is covered by a dental insurance plan, Dental Specialties, Inc. will supply the paperwork to assist in getting the maximum reimbursement for covered charges.

  • Payment for the dental work preformed will be due on the day the work is completed. Insurance will reimburse the yearly maximum to the patient.
  • Payment for all dental work is the responsibility of the patient or the patient’s guardian or caregiver.


  • Medicaid will pay the costs of the Hospital and the Anesthesiologist  for patients receiving Medicaid benefits.
  • The patient, their family, caregiver or care facility pay for all dental services and care.